Pain Control

There are only 3 causes of pain or illness.

  • DEFICIENCY – Not getting the basics the body needs to function. (food • air • rest • water • motion)
  • TOXICITY – Getting too many foreign substances that cause the body to slow or stop normal function.
  • TRAUMA – Injury, fall, lift, crash… direct damage including micro trauma or repetitive motion injuries.

Lower Back or Leg Pain

  • Could it be a disc rupture?
  • Do I need surgery?
  • Could I currently have or get permanent damage or degeneration?

Neck, Arm or Headache Pain

  • Can discs rupture in the neck?
  • When is brain fog or low energy an issue?
  • When is dizziness or occasional memory loss an issue?

Knee, Elbow or Joint Pain

  • Can my back cause a knee injury?
  • Can my shoes cause a knee injury?
  • Can structural imbalance cause injuries?

Constant Body Pain

  • Could my body be deficient in something?
  • Could my body be toxic?
  • Could it be my personal lifestyle or emotions?