Chiropractic for Pain Control

There are only 3 causes of pain or illness.

  • DEFICIENCY – Not getting the basics the body needs to function. (food • air • rest • water • motion)
  • TOXICITY – Getting too many foreign substances that cause the body to slow or stop normal function.
  • TRAUMA – Injury, fall, lift, crash… direct damage including micro trauma or repetitive motion injuries.

What if I Have a Knee, Ankle, Elbow, Wrist, or Sports Related Injury?

Knee Pain
  • Can my back cause a knee injury?
  • Can my shoes cause a knee injury?
  • Can structural imbalance cause injuries?

Structural imbalance as shown can put pressure on the knee and make it wear or fail just like a tire wearing out prematurely due to bad alignment. When the pressure increases, the nerves in the low back that control the knee dysfunction and compound the problem.

If the balance is not improved, the knee, ankle or pelvis problem will persist and not resolve. Treatments that don’t balance don’t work.

Arch problems and shoes can both cause knee pain and must be checked. We can help! Schedule your appointment today.

What if I Have Neck, Arm, or Headache Pain?

brain fog
  • Can discs rupture in the neck?
  • When is brain fog or low energy an issue?
  • When is dizziness or occasional memory loss an issue?

Many simple and low grade symptoms are your body trying to warn you about a more serious problem in progress. Early management and education can prevent disc injury. Any arm symptoms can be more serious and should be checked immediately.

Brain fog and memory symptoms are called pre-dementia; brain damage. These symptoms should be dealt with immediately. Poor motor function in the spine and toxicity can both cause these symptoms. Which is it? We have the tests to isolate the concern. Schedule your appointment today.

What if I am Just Sick of Getting Sick?

sick of being sick
  • Could my body be deficient in something?
  • Could my body be toxic?
  • Could it be my personal lifestyle or emotions?

Muscle and joint pains or constant illness that is chronic or long term can be toxicity or insufficiency. If these are overlooked, it will stay constant. Chiropractic adjustment is not the sole answer to this.

This is why some people are adjusted over and over and do not resolve. Brain fog, constant tiredness, fatigue, headaches, depression and just giving up normal life activities can be toxicity & deficiency. Long term symptoms like these lead to degeneration of joints, organs and brain. Schedule your appointment today.

Lower Back, Leg Pain or Disc Injury

  • Could it be a disc rupture?
  • Do I need surgery?
  • Could I currently have or get permanent damage or degeneration?
Disc Injury

Disc Injury

MRI of the side view of the lower back and tailbone. Notice the larger protrusion backwards towards the spinal cord. The two discs above the injury have a normal appearance.The injury to a disc almost always involves micro-tearing to the fibers that make up the disc.

If the fibers tear enough, there will be displacement of the internal disc materials causing a bulge.

This bulge can put pressure on, and compress the spinal cord or the spinal nerve roots. Both can cause disabling pain and swelling.

If those same fibers tear more severely the disc can rupture which is far more serious and complicated. Our goal with research proven disc treatment and comprehensive education is to resolve the injury and teach a person to avoid a re-occurance throughout life. Schedule your appointment today.

Dr. Kent Sifford has 30+ years experience with the most severe disc injuries. He even has personal experience with leaking discs.

We have specialized equipment to repair and resolve a disc injury as well as specific tests to prove what kind of injury it is. X-ray and MRI are not needed unless you do not respond to care. And no, it does not need surgery most of the time. Schedule your appointment today.

Stop in to Vitality to learn some home care techniques!

Initial goals are to reduce swelling and pain and learn how to avoid further fiber tearing.

Many people have no understanding of the cause of fiber tearing, so they keep their problem from healing and many worsen the situation until they are completely disabled.

Disc Injury