The Disc Doctor of Vitality Chiropractic

The Cox® Technic for Low Back Pain and Leg Pain Relief.

What is the Cox® Technic?

This technique is a gentle, non-force procedure that helps the spine heal properly and ensures a pain-free future. Cox® Technic is a proven, effective, and non-surgical technique that has been thoroughly documented to decompress spinal nerves, curing lower back pain.

The Process

The patient will lay on their stomach while the doctor works on the spine to relieve nerve pressure. The doctor may use the instrument’s caudal to allow motion which will return normal motion to the spine and as a result reduce back pain.

Benefits of the Cox® Technic

  • Increases intervertebral disc height, removing tension on the anular fibers by improving circulation.
  • Decreases pressure in the nucleus pulposus.
  • Increases the area of the intervertebral foramen.
  • Restores joints in relationship to motion.