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Ditch your disc injuries for good,
at Rapid City's Disc Doctor.

Get well, STAY WELL, and rediscover the joy of thriving and performance at any age.

No Guessing Games or One Size Fits All Treatments

We do thorough physical exams, at the same level as you would receive from a neurologist or orthopedist

Rapid Relief

With our methods most patients begin to see results in 7-14 days, and are almost fully healed within 60 days.

Heal Disc Damage

We treat your back while training your body so you can stop tearing the disc and start healing.
man leaning on bed because of back pain

Does this sound eerily familiar?

You deserve to enjoy life, not just survive it.

But disc injuries have put your dreams on hold...

Relentless back pain is a constant distraction, and simple tasks have become monumental challenges. You fear every sneeze; putting on socks is a test of endurance, and even sleeping has become a nightmare. To make it worse, you’ve been from doctor to doctor with no results, which makes you feel damaged, alone, and afraid that you can’t provide for yourself or your family.

You've Tried the Rest, Now Trust the Best.

If you’ve had joint pain for more than 3 months, it’s time to do something different. We provide cutting edge chiropractic technique, state of the art equipment and customized treatment plans, combined with education on exercise, habits and critical nutrition to help patients get rapid relief and heal disc damage fully. Our mission is to help patients stop tearing their disc and start healing so they can get well, STAY WELL, and rediscover the joy of thriving and performance at any age.

Our Chiropractic Services:

Specialty Disc Treatment

General Chiropractic

Laser Therapy

Meet the Disc Doctor

Hi, I’m Kent Sifford - Chiropractor, Avid Hiker, and the Advocate For Your Best Life.

I understand firsthand the debilitating pain of a disc injury and the crushing effects that living with it can have on your career, relationships, and future.

After having my life completely derailed by a leaking disc, I was able to heal it fully and now feel stronger and younger than ever in my sixties (hiking, bouldering, kayaking, etc.). Now, I am passionate about helping patients go from feeling hopeless to being 100% confident in their body’s ability to heal.

This is why I have dedicated the last 36 years of my life to helping thousands of patients get rapid relief and fully heal disc damage through cutting-edge chiropractic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

We have treated disc injuries in everyone from Olympic athletes to senior citizens, helping thousands of patients deemed ‘impossible’ by others rise from the depths of despair to new heights of health and performance.

Dr. Kent in front of Mount Rushmore

You don't have to take our word for it...

Tina Sharp
Recommended by a friend/client almost 2 years ago. Neck pain, along with numbness running down my arm was gone in 2 weeks! Dr. Sifford has been an amazing instrument in my healing. I'm forever grateful. And, Heather is an absolute joy each time I visit the office. :D I recommend to numerous people!
rdeed darger
Rarely if ever I have had so thoroughly received an explanation of what issues I have after the initial examination and before any treatments. I am anxious to move forward and to experience the best results.
Tina Flack
This is a most amazing healing place. I recommend to all my family and anyone else who will listen. I was given options other than surgery and got results I can only call miraculous. Dr Sifford and Heather are just outstanding people with outstanding abilities!! Highly recommend.
Brittany Seidl
I look forward to every appointment I have at Vitality! Dr. Sifford looks at his patients holistically, which makes such a difference in the way a chiropractor is able to help a person feel better. He is constantly continuing his education and has a wide array of medical knowledge. Dr. Sifford also treated me throughout my pregnancy, and has treated my newborn son. All of our experiences at Vitality are wonderful and we cannot recommend Dr. Sifford enough. Heather is also amazing, and she makes the experience that much better. My whole family loves coming here!
Johnny Sundby
A #1. Kent and Heather are true professionals who love helping others! Gorgeous Building!
Cindy Niedbalski
I have been to many chiropractors in my life and Dr. Sifford is the best by far. I felt so safe and comfortable when he does my adjustments. He is so knowledgeable in healing and nutrition, and actually listens. Heather is so helpful and friendly as well. An overall wonderful experience!
Gayle Gilmore
Dr. Kent Sifford is far and away the best, most gentle, and most highly educated Chiropractor I have ever visited. Dr. Sifford doesn't stop with adjusting, he is such an educator concerning every area of my life. I have battled severe, nearly debilitating issues with my low back for many years. I have seen many, many Chiropractors in that time and no one could help me. Three weeks and ten treatments later, the relief is nearly unbelievable. I highly recommend Dr. Sifford and his assistant, Heather. I thank God my search for a Chiropractor is finally over, I have found the one!
Mark Herrera
Dr.Kent Sifford will get you back on your feet! I was down for 5 months with multiple injured disc's L3, L4, L5, and S1. He specializes with these injuries with the proper equipment and most importantly, knowledge! I been to multiple chiropractors in the Rapid City area and he is the only one who knew how to treat my injuries. In 1 month I was able to walk around again! Best practice in the city for back injuries with a very comfortable environment and professional staff. I would recommend Dr. Sifford's practice to anyone and everyone who may be suffering with back pain!
Jodi Bonefield
Dr. Sifford is amazing! Helped me more in one appointment than a handful of doctors ever did! Great team!
Natalie Birmeier
DR Kent is amazing, when I walked in there, with lil to no hope and a last resort to try anything because I had done everything possible.. already for my sciatica and buldging disk in my back. I was happy from day one with all the knowledge and pesseverence and just wanting to help me.. I am now walking without a limp and have no pain in my leg I can sleep and sit and do my normal activities.. All because of DR Kent and his wonderful assistant Heather and the knowledgeable and care they give you.. And the greatness He knows about the spine.i am cured without surgery and living pain free. I am truly greatful! God bless DR Kent is a saint...

At Vitality Chiropractic, we're turning sidelined humans back into superheroes.

How It Works

We listen to your story and complete a thorough physical exam. No hands on therapy or spinal manipulation until we know what we’re dealing with so that we don’t risk re-injury or additional irritation with incorrect treatment. We provide MRI or X-Rays if improvement isn’t seen in the first few treatments to discover if there is a deeper cause for the pain. Due to our whole body perspective on health, we often catch and diagnose life threatening diseases that have been missed so that they can be treated in time by a doctor who specializes in that area.

Show you our findings and come up with your custom care plan that transparently lays out costs, timelines for recovery, and actionable steps. We also have timelines for re-assessment built in to make sure that the treatments are always helping and never harming. We believe that if you aren’t seeing results in the first 7-14 days, then we may provide X-rays or MRI to look for a deeper issue.

Treat your back while training you on methods to fix yourself! We don’t just heal; we educate on exercise, habits and critical nutrition to prevent future injuries. Our goal is NOT to keep you coming back, but to empower you to need us less. We are constantly continuing our own education on the latest methods for rapid improvement, and we take the time to pass this knowledge along so that our patients can continue their wellness journey at home.

Help you reclaim your life and STAY WELL – When it comes to massively successful results, we’ve got your back. Literally.

back view of young hiker

Schedule an Appointment

Give us a call to schedule your new patient appointment, or book it online.

Ask the Doc Anything

If you’re on the calendar, but still not 100% sure we can help, then call our office and ask to speak to Dr. Sifford. He is happy to take the time to put any fears to rest, and to make sure this is the right treatment option for you based on your current symptoms.

Rebuild your backbone and your faith!

From first exam to, to report to treatment plan to final assessments, we’ve got a plan to get you well. We’re confident in your body’s ability to heal, and we won’t quit until you are too!

It's time to get done with this for good.

We believe that everyone deserves a doctor who has complete faith in your body's ability to heal, and confidence in their ability to get you well!

How are we different?

For many people with disc damage, back pain dictates their every move. To add insult to injury, traditional treatments often prolong the tearing and pain, so they have nothing to show for the time, energy and money they have poured into doctors, and in some cases they are worse off than when they started seeking help. That is why we are passionate about providing advanced chiropractic methods combined with in-depth exams and state-of-the-art technology to help seemingly ‘impossible’ cases experience full healing and achieve new heights of health and performance! At Vitality Chiropractic we’re turning sidelined humans back into superheroes.