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Men and women balancing on a log while hiking in the Black Hills

Live It To Lead It

As a doctor or anyone in a teaching role, I think it is necessary to “live it to lead it.” 

How can I teach people to be well, healthy, active, strong and maintain performance, be confident and free from fear if I am unable to do these things? The basic principles we teach will allow you to remain healthy and more importantly, do what you want until you are 99. Want some proof or inspiration from someone else who could probably encourage anyone? Watch this YouTube video of 100-year-old and 102-year-old runners, or click on the following link:

If you go to any doctor and they do not teach you the basic principles of healing, then their treatment, whatever the discipline, may help, but it will not give you long term changes. How many people in our world fight the same pain, injury, or illness their entire lives? Health care should get a person over the illness not just cover the symptoms.

I was sitting on a ski lift next to an elderly man who had skis on. The next day I ended up on the lift with the same man. This time he had a snowboard on.

I said, “do you mind if I ask how old you are?” He said, “78”. “Do you like skiing or snowboarding better?” He said, “I like them both equally.” “When did you learn to snowboard”? He said, “2 or 3 years ago”. I said, “whoa!” “You learned to snowboard at 75 years old?” He said, “yes, I did.”

This is the type of person I will let lead me on life and health and thinking. I went home that evening and bought a snowboard on Craig’s List and have been snowboarding since that time. I try to snowboard every week in the winter.

Did you know that balance sports keep your brain alive and reduce the chance of any kind of dementia, including Alzheimer’s? What else prevents Alzheimer’s?
If you do not know, we do short presentations to explain this. Call Heather to ask about dates.

Do you know many seniors are very afraid to fall and break a hip? Do you think the man who slides down a hill with a board strapped to his feet is concerned about falling? I don’t think so. I am going to follow him. In health, listen to the people who are doing it and have results, not the ones who have a bunch of theories.

Are you ready to create a plan for a healthy mind and body?

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